What the Future is Like for Singapore’s Digital Marketing Industry

Marketing is the practice of reaching out to your customers and bringing value of some sort to them. In a consumer driven sector, marketing holds an equal, if not higher priority than production even though marketing comes at the last stage of production. Right from those early days, various strategies have been forged to reach out to potential customers. As science and technology paved way for superior platforms marketing strategists worldwide adopted the newer means of reaching out to the masses. Once the print media ruled the roost in marketing, followed by the radio, and then Television. The newest entrant in the marketing sphere is the online marketing; also sometimes referred to as the digital marketing. This has revolutionized the way ads were served to prospective customers.

Does it have a place in Singapore to start with?

Singapore, one among the four Asian Tigers has been a top center for Wealth Management, in spite of its smaller size in terms of region. Singapore as a country is quite attractive for companies to invest due to it being a safe business environment, and the perception of it being a relatively safe and stable destination. The significant tax breaks also do tempt investors to consider it. Singapore has always been at the forefront in embracing new technology, no matter where it comes from. Businesses in Singapore have been keen to adapt to the changing dynamics in the marketing space too. This is true even in the case of Digital marketing in Singapore.

How about agency owners?

If you own a digital marketing agency in Singapore you know that you are at the right place. Procter and Gamble (P&G) has set up a digital innovation center in Singapore with an investment of about 100 million USD in the next five years. This happens to be their first of such kind outside the United States and speaks volumes about the scope and potential of the online marketing in Singapore. This is good news as it ushers a new era where there is promise for skill development and exposure to the latest tools and practices in the digital marketing field. P&G would be looking forward to fully tap the local talent and use them to develop better avenues for digital marketing in Singapore and around.

If this was not enough, Google the digital marketing giant has also planned to train about 1000 Singapore small and medium enterprise leaders in a bid to build a set of digital leaders. This would help these small and medium enterprises with state of the art knowledge and skills to improve their in-house digital marketing and provide online resources such as training sessions on search engine marketing and advanced analytics to help the businesses extend their reach globally. With the global leader in digital marketing itself deciding to invest in Singapore, it augurs well for the growth of digital marketing agency in Singapore.


Hence, if you think that marketing techniques are remaining the same throughout with no new innovations of any sort, think again. The fact is that the way people are executing digital marketing is changing every moment. Simply said, it has got an extremely bright future in Singapore.